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You dream it, we build it.

Let your idea become reality developing applications with technologies like NFT, augmented reality, and Gamification.

What we can do for you and your company

We have a lot of experience using Gamification to create innovative and high engagement softwares. Our services:

AR/VR Apps

Take advantage of the augmented or virtual reality to build immersive and engaging environments.


Use the Gamification to reach the maximum engagement from the application you want to build.


The latest thing in digital fashion. Add unique transactions to your app.


We create a fun game to advertise your reality!

We distribute it everywhere

We take care of the publication and distribution of the software in all the desired platforms.

Keep track of the results

We can monitor the campaign results and goals in real time.

Our work is your guarantee

Our passion has led us to develop many projects using cutting edge technologies.

We want to offer you only the best thanks to our passion, as we did in the following projects:

Trivia Viaggi

During the pandemic caused by Covid-19 Italy was in lockdown and we asked ourselves just one question:

What can we do to relieve the suffering in this tragic period?

We love traveling, so we decided to create “Trivia Viaggi”, a quiz totally free about traveling, and donate 50% of the revenues to the Italian Civil Protection Department.

It was an honor to have the chance to give some relief to Italians during those difficult days in lockdown.

We are truly satisfied, not only from the feedback, but as you can see in the opposite image, the game climbed the charts of the Google Play Store reaching the top 10 quiz games downloaded in 24h.

Missione Pianeta

An Advergame born to help “Tartalove” project of “Legambiente” (an Italian ONG): Every year in Italy 10000 “Caretta caretta” turtles die because of accidentally being caught, swallowing plastic and nautical traffic.

With “Missione Pianeta” we redefined the concept of “charitainment”:
1. We raise awarness by showing messages about sea and sea turtles.
2. The user should just play and we, through advertising, collect funds for the “Tartalove” project.
3. We do lead generation rewarding the user who leaves his contact in exchange for a special character.
4. The user can donate money for “Tartalove” directly in the game and he will be rewarded!

Interesting goals reached in the first 10 days:
1️⃣ Thousands of downloads.
2️⃣ More than 158 5-stars reviews just from Android users.
3️⃣ In the top-50 rank in family apps category in iOS.

With “Missione Pianeta” we realised an advergame with more than 100 playable levels, 4 playable characters, 4 power-ups and more than 5 hours of entertainment.

The Painter

When art meets fun : we wanted to connect art and fun to help young users approach the world of painting by creating an original and engaging game.

The challenge is to “paint” as many paintings as possible, with an increasing difficulty and including exciting challenges.

What our clients say about us

Davinder Sangha

Excellent work. Took over a complicated existing project and seamlessly updated it and made it far better than the original developers had. Really pleased and happy to work with Gladio Games on a regular basis.

Davinder Sangha

Digital Marketing Manager at Schiedel UK.

Thorsten Rauser

Great quality work and excellent communication. We hope we get more opportunities to work together again in the future.

Thorsten Rauser

Managing director of the Binary Family GmbH

They talked about our projects

Who are we?

Our team was born from the passion of creating games. Gladio Games is inspired by the
word “gladio”, the sword of the gladiators. We get the will of fighting to create what we love, but obviously without any kind of violence.

Instead of using a sword, we are equipped with keyboards and key by key our echo of fun and positive energy will resonate.



We always use the latest generation technology, instruments and tools.


Before founding Gladio Games, our team collaborated with big companies and acquired a great working experience.


We love our job and we love using it for a bigger goal.


As well as having a university background, our team is always studying to be up to date.

The curricula of our developers

Before founding Gladio Games we overcame our limits, we collaborated with worldwide companies, creating high quality and competitive products.
Thanks to this experience we are ready for the next step to develop something really important.

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    1️⃣ Milestones: We work with milestones so you can monitor the quality of our work step by step.
    2️⃣ Expertise: Our team combined has more than 31 years of experience in software development.
    3️⃣ Quality: we create high quality products, the user must say “wow”.
    4️⃣ Processes: Our processes optimise the development so we can guarantee a low price with a high quality.
    5️⃣ Transparency: Our goal is to always have an honest and transparent communication with the client.