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We take care of it: from design to publication.

Those who have trusted in us have achieved extraordinary results like climbing the ranking of the most downloaded apps on the play store in just 24h. Don't wait to realise your idea, do it now.

We make unique games at an incredible price.

Every day thousands of apps and games are published into the market. It is our goal to deliver the best possible standard of quality and make your product stand out.

<b>Quality </b> and professionality

Quality and professionality

We make quality products by using the latest technology and techniques.

<b>Cross</b> platform solutions

Cross platform solutions

Publish your project in as many platforms as possibile.

Incredible quality for <b>price</b>

Incredible quality for price

Get your product at a unique and affordable price.

A <b>360°</b> solution

A 360° solution

We can assist you from the idea to the publication of your product!

But, is it so difficult to make successful games?

There are more than 5 billions different devices in the world, and your game has to run smoothly on every device.
More than that, today games have to be supported by a strong infrastructure that allows the game to work well whether there are 100 or 100.000 users.



We can distribute and adapt your game across multiple platforms.

<b>Game design</b>

Game design

We design incredible fun to play games.



The latest technology at you service.



Our games can scale by using the latest cloud technology .

Why trust us?

We have made dozens and dozens of games and apps starting from the design to the publication.

But not only that, we have created apps and games by publishing them independently and obtaining amazing results.

The image you see here is from one of our apps that after only 24h has climbed the ranking of the app store, arriving among the top 10 most downloaded and obtaining 22 reviews.

All of this just to say one simple thing: We love what we do, and you can trust us!

Art + game design + technology = the perfect game

We believe that making games is a form of art!

The perfect game is when technology + art + game design skills are combined all together to make the best product.

And we love every aspect of game development, from the design of the game on paper to the hard and supper skilled work of writing the code to make it work smoothly.

As a matter of fact, our team is always updated on the latest technology and we invest a good amount of time on updating ourselves in order to be sure to alway deliver the best product with the latest technology on the market.

From idea to publication, we follow you in every step

Our mission is not only to create unique games at an ultra competitive price, but to follow you in all the stages necessary for success.


Game Design
  • Game design document
  • Functional prototype
  • UX study
  • UI study
  • Game marketing study

contact us now!

Email us now and get your free quote. We will answer you within 24h.

We inform you that to maintain an excellent quality of the apps we develop we can accept a limited number of jobs; contact us now to know our availability.

Don’t forget to tell us your idea.

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    Our experience at your service

    Some of the work that our team has developed. We love crafting games from the design to publication.

    Let's speed up your Game

    A respectable car must not only have a beautiful bodywork, but also a nice engine, fast and above all reliable.

    For this reason, our team is constantly updated and we use cutting-edge technologies to develop fast, robust and successful games. Here are a few:

    <b>Swift</b> for iOS

    Swift for iOS

    Native iOS development.

    <b>Kotlin</b> for Android

    Kotlin for Android

    Native Android development using the famous dedicated language.



    The best platform to develop cross platform games

    <b>Node JS</b> and ASP.NET

    Node JS and ASP.NET

    For a cutting-edge, robust and fast backend, suitable for all needs.


    The best technology from Google to store and manipulate data in real time


    Our passion and life purpose is to make games, and we love doing it!

    But are we the right team for you?

    We are not a team of developers but a team of enthusiasts, the members of our team before we created Gladio Games, had already all published at least one game!

    This is why our role is not only to create the perfect game but to guide you in the right direction so that your project can be successful.

    In order to obtain results, it is essential to devote a lot of time to each customer for which we accept only 1 project every 3 months.

    We share our passion for free!

    Just to make you understand how passionate we are we have created a game development blog where we share all our tips for free.

    The blog is a success and we moved from zero daily readers to 600 in less than 6 months.

    That is because we love to share our tips, stories and failures (yes good studios learn from their mistakes).

    So if you want, have a look at our blog: www.gamedevelopertips.com

    Not only games

    We are always on the “case” studying the latest technologies and the latest trends, for this reason we are able to develop on niche platforms but with enormous potential, for example:

    <b>Apple TV </b>

    Apple TV

    <b>Augmented Reality</b>

    Augmented Reality

    <b>Virtual Reality</b>

    Virtual Reality

    Cutting-edge technology

    Mobile technology is evolving rapidly by leaps and bounds. Since smartphone applications were born, at least 4 programming languages and over 10 frameworks for writing apps have been born.

    All this in a time span of about 10 years. Together with these evolutions new technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality have been born and we are the pioneers of these technologies.


    Our team members have created the latest generation works using the latest technologies.

    The one you see in the video is Cody Diario 3D, an app created for Giunti Editori in collaboration with the university of Urbino.

    The app uses augmented reality to facilitate programming learning for all children who use it.

    And of course, it uses the latest gamification techniques to make learning light, iterative and stimulate a path of progress and growth within the app.

    So if you are thinking of creating an app that uses cutting-edge technologies, remember that you can always count on us.

    Our curriculum

    The quality of a company is given by those who work there and our studio is made up of a family of developers who have a unique experience in creating apps. Here are some of the customers our developers have worked with:

    Contact us now and get your free quote.

    The first step to do to realize your idea is to write to us and tell us about your project!

    And as previously mentioned, we carry out very few projects at a time so write to us now and find out our availability.

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